BESTIAL MOCKERY (Swe): “Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw” Cd 2002 Metal Blood


This album has one positive aspect. It is rough as fuck. There are no refinements or subtle guitar tricks, just genuine thrashy Black Metal of average/mid fast speed. Nothing exceptional nor particularly despicable if the vocals were not this shireky. They?re the kind of pitch that just gets unnerving, not evil at all, not uncompassionate at all, not brutal at all, just the sort of ultra-cliched tone without expression. The riffs are ultra-banal too, sometimes getting a bit in the vein of (very early, say ?Deathcrush? era) MAYHEM but it?s just some seconds bursts before falling again in that boring moltitude of pretentiously back-to-the-roots bands. The minimalistic, primeval thrashy approach is cool, as are the chainsaw samples and so on, but this is just devoid of all energy to be sensational. This is the second full length on this new Swedish label. Haven?t heard the earlier work tho.

Vote: 4.8

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