BIZARRE EMBALMING (Cze): “Necrosadistic Surgery” Cd 2002 Bizarre Leprous


Although I am seriously pleased by Czech rep prolificity of Death and Grind bands, when I read such pathologic/splatter/surgical titles there?s always something in the back of my head that tells me how it sounds misplaced. I kinda like the music but to make this kind of lyrics really alive and fluent you need some higher degree of proficiency with the language (see, well, ?Symphonies of Sickness? as THE example). BIZARRE EMBALMING (nice name) is generally speaking a pathological grind band, without the ?grind? element. The band plays some sort of rather fast brutish Death Metal with good, all round chunky guitar sound and medium deep vocals, more or less like a simplified version of HAEMORRAGE. The riffs are not particularily memorable, and when they get fast, the only thing I notice is how even they get with the passage of time. The nice thing might be the ?Symphony of Cutter? which roughly sounds like a Cannibal Holocaust sample (the scene of the rape with the sharp stone) with some buzzsaw noise added in. Approssimative packaging with fonts that disappear in the shades, and an ugly cover depicting a gorilla dressed like a surgeon eating guts from a patient doesn?t add much fun. Of the Bizarre Leprous releases this might be the most plain. Maybe a better singer would improve the whole album 10 times, who knows. There?s a BLOOD cover, too.

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