DECEMBER (USA/Nv): “The Lament Configuration” Cd 2001 Wicked World


This is exactly one of those bands which I do NOT like. Filtered artificious vocals and mechanical, obsessive riffs in the vein of FUDGE TUNNEL, DEAD WORLD or PITCH SHIFTER won?t be too bad if it wasn?t disturbed by annoyingly high vocals that gets on the nerves like millions of small punctures and that unnerving vaguely stoner/seventies groove. While if you manage to exclude the vocals from the disc with some trick on your hi-fi mixer you would get some OK music, it still remains a bit too repetitive, so much it definitely pulls my nerves. I have been listening to the disk for half an hour in an half-dizzy state and when I woke up from my trance I realized my heartbeat had accelerated and my nerves were like cords. It?s very, very boring, and if you like stuff like old FUDGE TUNNEL or GODFLESH, try to get ahold of those instead of DECEMBER, becouse they are not really worth the pain to check them out. Definitely useless.

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