DISASTROUS MURMUR (Aut): “…and Hungry are the Lost” Cd 2001 Perverted Taste


At first I really didn?t realize what was wrong, I really thought it was me… I thought: maybe it?s becouse I was so younger when I heard them for the last time, (10 years ago, I missed ?Folter?, and I didn?t understand why this Cd didn?t stir a single finger of interest in me. It is like hearing all these bands and to find they all have unerringly lost all thier shine. The titles are still rather gore-related, but far from the PUNGENT STENCH – influenced of the first years, so boiling of absolute bad taste… the music, well, that?s even more straight, clean, relaxed… sure there?s the blasts and accelerations, but I somewhat remembered them a bit different, much, much more filthy. It?s not even the rock/groove imprint that the slower parts have, some bands like GUT have made their distinctive watermark adopting the rocking grind/death sound, it?s just too… perfect, too plastic. DISASTROUS MURMUR were formed out of a member which left DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (another band recently reunited…), set out to form a disgusting cult band with the name of DISATROUS MURMUR back in 1988. Harald is no longer in the band, and guess what, none of the members which played in Rhapsody in Red is still in but their very first drummer, Manfred. I can?t tell which of them was the musical genius behind DM, but what is quite clear is that he brought the crusty feel with him. I am not overly deluded bu this Cd, but it?s surely not at the level of my aspectatives. Sincere, straight Death Metal, nothing more, nothing less.

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