FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES (Cze): “Biovirus” Cd 2001 Epidemie


Despite the name could sound quite humorous to the ear, the topics FOUR SEATS FOR INVALIDES face in this Cd are rather serious, containing sort of ecological songs a la Sadus/Brutal Truth/old Therion, although not excessively refined lyricwise. Musically on the other hand, FSFI are difficult to pigeonhole, having basically elements of rocking death metal, with a special groove which is typical of bands like DEAD WORLD or FUDGE TUNNEL (no, they?re not industrial-like, I just mentioned these bands becouse sometimes the riffs have their same intensity and repetitivity), amplified with elements of goregrind/grindcore, without being impossibly heavy, fast or condensed all the time… what surely strikes more is the total, continuous variations you get within the same songs. Let?s say the main structures are not really grind/death: I?d even dare to say it?s more of a cross of modern thrash (a la NAILBOMB) and stuff like FLESHLESS, with a drum pattern that often strays from the swedish-sounding guitar backbone to delve into blastsbeats here, into some fast paced growl/stop and go riff there, and intense rages of some of the best grindcore… the vocals also continuously change from whispering to bubbling gargles to suine grunts, but maintaining a low tuning all the time. One of the worse reviews I have ever made maybe, but they?re difficult to describe, as they are not neither typically American nor European in style. For sure, they?re Death, grind and heavy 80% of the time, but pretty original, a good band.

Vote: 7.7

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