FUCK… I?M DEAD (Aus): “Bring on the Dead” Cd 2001 Razorback

FUCK... I?M DEAD (Aus):

Neat new release from Razorback, which turns again its gaze on an aussie band after the deservedly successful INTENSE HAMMER RAGE Cd some time ago. FUCK …I?M DEAD already released some stuff as a seven inch split with SANITY?S DAWN last year, if you somewhat missed it, donp?t worry, because this Cd contains both that Ep and even two live tracks as bonuses. First off: they use a drum machine. Which has its good and bad sides: the music really reach blindingly fast speeds, with histerical vocals and hyperfast guitar it really cuts to the limits of absolute speed in grindcore. On the bad side, it somewhat makes the music a bit too tidy and precise sometimes, so lovers of filth like me would probably find that some blasts are not as convincing as those of bands like PROFESSOR, NASUM or the NAPALM DEATH of ?FETO?. To break the eveness of the songs and add lots of variety to the Cd, some songs spot some different approaches like the third one ?Army of Hermaphrodites? ( or ?Toilet Tantalizers?) which has some definitely melodic/distant feel mixed with sheer grinding bursts. Correct me if I?m wrong but the first riff in this song IS exactly that of ?Boneyard? of you-know-who …Anyway the grind is thick and tasty in this Cd, overly varied by twists and samples and small tributes (?burnt to an ABSOLUTE crisp? eheh, what?s this ?Reek??) and with explosions of histeric screams and gorrillesque grunts, fast as fuck and with lot of groove. All in all a great choice.

Vote: 7.9

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