GRENOUER (Rus): “The Odour o? Folly” Cd 2000 Blacksmith/More Hate


I am not familiar with too many Russian bands, but I heard enough to identify their style a little bit. Basically, just like Italian bands, they tend to indulge a bit too much into mosh and thrash metal believing ?stop and go? means ?powerful?, following the roads of easy listening, and powerful slams to make their songs easier to swallow. bands that think that ENTOMBED become cool with ?Wolverine Blues?. In short, this is proclaimed as Death Metal although *glom* the closest association I can make for this music is, come a little bit closer: Ska. I dunno if it?s just immagination, but the guitar riffs could fit better some modern skacore band than any Death Metal I heard before, so fragmented are the riffs to produce what I believe they assume is a DM sound. In short, this kind of groove is nothing but funny and lighthearted, and if their intention was to make a stoopid project a la LAWNMOWERDETH, I think they reached their spot. OF dark, brooding and brutal they have nothing, not even the nasty fun of MACABRE, even if the sound is good, and the vocals quite flexible. I guess GRENOUER?s not one of the worst band I have ever heard, at least it?s not pretentious, and the distorted goo faces in the booklet clearly state that they ?take it easy?. Not the kind of band I praise on Nuclear Abominations, but not one of the worse either. If you can get it cheap, give it a try.

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