GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spa): “Teenage Giallo Grind” Cd 2002 Razorback


Gods burn me if this intro is not a great CARCASS ?Genital Grinder? ripoff ah ah. Great shit in any case. Whether IMPALED, GHOUL and EXHUMED grab mercilessly from CARCASS?s ?Symphonies of Sickness? and a little bit of the following last album (?Necroticism?, after which, sadly, the band split up), GRUESOME STUFF RELISH are a living praise of the primeval gore grinding grind of that masterpiece that was ?Reek of Putrefaction? (which was actually the repress of their last demo oh well, just for your trivia nights). ?Teenage Giallo Grind? sounds like a big concept tribute to gore with the capital ?G?, with continuous citations from golden age sleazy flicks (the bandmates surnames are respectively Argento, Deodato, Kemper, two directors and a serial killer…). Read the Song titles and tell me how many fucking Horror B-movies you can identify among them goddammit. Even if they were not movie titles they could easily be, with all those vodoo rites, jungles and zombies. What music could have better restated all this grand guignol holocaust of 70?s splatter than good old fashioned grind? None of course. Malign, catharrous vocals which twist around the songs like spasms of headless snakes, super-tight guitars, and those delicious, melliflous solos that sound like honey upon a grey, livid corpse. Add to this a perfectly ?Uncle Creepy?-reminiscent cover that make PURULENT SPERMCANAL?s look new school and you?ll get why I was completely raped by this Cd. Top pick.

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