HATE ETERNAL (USA/Fl): “King of All Kings” Cd 2002 Earache


HATE ETERNAL finally delievered the goods. I wasn?t as impressed by HATE ETERNAL?s debut as much as I was from the demo tracks, mainly becouse I didn?t notice all the savage, multi-vocals super intricate explosion of energy that made their first material so particular. Be it the overproduction or just the straighter construction of the tracks, but despite the evident speed and energy, it just had not the magic that, fuck, is really a concussive in your face deflagration in this new ?King of All Kings?. If you thought their old one was technical and intricate, try to hear a minute from this album becouse it is really something that will take you months to study and analyze, so many different things are pressed in slightly more than 30 minutes. Think of ABHORRENCE, OPHIOLATRY and CENTURIAN?s latest and add all the technical skill of three undisputed masters like Erik, Jared and Derek and a score of ideas and turns to make everything as varied as you can stand. I really freak for these multi-layered vocals, and these intricate texture of riffs. Rutan?s classic soloing we got used with in Morbid Angel can be heard in some songs, as are some of the obsessive, punitive riffs back from the debut. Still fast and violent as ?Conquering the Throne?, yet with much, much more chemistry and consinstency, HATE ETERNAL has finally found its way on the same level of other new breeds of Death Metal monsters like KRISIUN, ANGEL CORPSE, or CENTURIAN. Total killer stuff, this is the kind of Death Metal that I adore from this last decade after that period of slumber that fell between the old and new generation. If I were to list some albums from the new wave that should be really taken as examples of coherence and headstrong resolution, HATE ETERNAL?s ?King of All Kings? would surely hold a good position.

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