HATEWORK (Ita): “Total War” split Cd with VEXED (Ita) 2001 s/p [demo]


I assume the band is named after the MORBID ANGEL song in ?Domination?, anyway they have nothing to do with Death Metal, they’re genuinely thrash and genuinely influenced by the best classics of the eighties. Even the vocals try as hard as they can to catch the honest, sincere sound of the 80’s. I partly share their nostalgy for thrash metal, after all most from our generation were born with that stuff in the ears. I was really tempted to place a bad vote before even listening to the Cd (hey, I am nasty), so full to the brim I am by the ?puropsedly aged metal? bands which followed the release of BEWITCHED/BESTIAL MOCKERY and the like, but for some reason, I really cannot hate this demo. Maybe more American (a la EXODUS, EVIL DEAD, DARK ANGEL) than German and therefore abit less aggressive, but witha good sound this band could really do something. This is probably the kind of bands which you have to listen live to understand how much they?re worth, sorta baptism of fire, but on Cd, they?re not bad at all, and mind ye, this is a grindcore/deathmetal ‘zine.

Vote: 6

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