HERETIC (Hol): “Black Metal Holocaust” Cd 1999 Berzerker


That this band takes inspiration from BEHERIT you can easily figure by their logo above (eh). It was a bit surprising for me to hear that HERETIC plays quite different stuff, instead. I would describe it as old fashioned Black Metal with lots of acidic hard rock influences (VENOM maybe, or very early BATHORY). The songs are not blistering fast as Black metal is mostly about today, or better, let?s say it was about in 1995 (today the epic syndrome slowed down a bit the genre). The coolest thing about the disc could be the vitriol vocals with are sort of malignant but not too screeching, you can easily spell any fucking word he says, they sound tormented like NECRO SCHIZMA for example, although the singer is not nearly as good. We can add that HERETIC doesn?t really like to play elaborate. The songs are mighty basic, mid-slow tempo and all about was and satanism with guitars that are distorted and dirty as fuck. I can?t find them as obscure, extreme or satanic as BEHERIT but it?s nice to hear unrefined stuff like this today. Uhm. I admit I like more the concept than the music itself. There?s a big celtic cross in the back of the Cd, combined with the war-inspired lyrics I guess they give a nice picture of what the band is about. Eh.

Vote: 6.5

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