INFERIA (Fin): “Parental Advisory” Cd 1998 Superdisc


Another hole in the water for INFERIA, economically speaking, for the second time the band has been ripoffed by clamorous offers by some obscure Russian label, which obviously didn?t anything to promote the band worldwiden as it deserved. Musically however INFERIA didnt? relent or become nicer, on the contrary this album is even uglier than before, with some more samples (I think the first few seconds of the disc are from ?Holiday Rap?) to spice it up, but basically the same bulldozer of Brutal Death with capital letters. The sound is a bit less refinished, which make them even a bit more grindy, but it?s still pounding like a raging bull. A few seconds of loose guitar breaks anticipate these bursts of rage, sometimes backed by moans and other porn samples (INFERIA have this knack for porn, much like countrymates MORBID SAVOURING, but still I won?t call em ?grind?) and the guttural grunts pound like a hammer without soul over it all. Not a pretty picture…. another good thing is that while some titles form the previous Cd were a bit dubious in grammar, they seem to have finally found somebody which is a bit more proficient in english, at least on the track titles which this time seem correct.

Vote: 8.5

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