INTO THE GORE (Gre): “Pain Must Be Amplified” Cd 2000 Psyclone Sinphonies


Really no criticisms possible when you hear a band of such professionality. The neat, technical brand of Death Metal played by INTO THE GORE is flawless. Fast and razor sharp this Cd contains tracks of violent, straight guitar riffs in the vein of MALEVOLENT CREATION, YATTERING or HATE PLOW although the main differences reside right in the two vocals: the backing one is filtered, kinda radio/indistrial-style, the other is deep grunts. Right as MALEVOLENT thay have their share of heavily stopped guitars and articulated bridges. Top notch solos and some guitar trebles alla CANNIBAL CORPSE placed in the right spots allow this Cd to stand on shelves with other more renown eastern bands (also thanks to a real impressive graphical layout job on the packaging). However I shall admit this Cd is nothing really incredibly aggressive, or just like overly technical bands, sometimes ITG tend to be a bit plain despite of the grinding hyperblasts and superfast accelerations. I can?t tell in precise terms what doesn?t stir in me, becouse they?re really good technically, but they?re also so damn scholastic…

Vote: 6.5

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