LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY (Hol): “Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration” Cd 2001 Bones Brigade


Possibly the most complete, all-around goregrind band today, LDOH really personify the genre to the fullest, with a sound and intensity that is all but completely dehumanized. The vocals have a croaky, froglike incidence due to some heavy harmonizer effect which somewhat precludes many of the lyrics to be understood without a lyric sheet under your eyes, but I think it?s part of the game you have to face if you like this shit like I do. The grind parts are, well, grind, the way grind is really supposed to be, 1000mph super fast blast beats, and the guitars distorted in a way to create a very creepy, desperate atmosphere. I personally believe this band to be ULTIMATE in its genre, just like LYMPHATIC PHLEGM, SQUASH BOWELS, DISGORGE and RGTE. Lyrically and graphically, it?s all about splatter stuff and gore, just like the previous split (always on Bones brigade, and if you mind me they?re damn clever to hold this band tight). This cover shows a man spattered on the ground with its brain a few feet from the head. unequivocal for sure, but not as sanguinary as the music itself. One step beyond the other grind bands, fucking killer. Favorite tune? ?Wet Remains?!

Vote: 9.4

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