LYMPHATIC PHLEGM (Bra): “Pathologist?s Cadaveric Fleshfeast” split Cd with S.M.E.S. (Hol) 2002 Bizarre Leprous


The thing that makes LYMPHATIC PHLEGM so special is their ability to recreate a suffocating, emotional environment which floats somewhere between the total inhumanity of their drum machine and totally gore/hyper-pitch shifted vocals and a feeling to long after something distant, melancholic, echoing on the past. Although I?d feel more likely to make comparisons with LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY in sheer apocalyptic goregrind music, this split shows a LYMPHATIC PHLEGM in a terrific shape draped in an obscure layer of mucus and moist that was trademark of our beloved CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION. The first song in particular (which is a remastered version of the one that appears on the split with FLESH GRINDER on Millennium and before that in their demo tape from 1996) makes a preponderant use of keyboard melodies, that paint a thick fresco of distantly religious colours and obsessive brutality. There is nostalgia and cold in LYMPATIC PHLEGM?s goregrind and more than all, EMOTION. That?s not something you meet every day in a music that often finds complacency in its narrow domain. My hat to this new effort.

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