MESRINE (Can): “Going to the Morgue” Cd 2000 Murder


MESRINE is a Canadian grindcore band that features ex-DAHMER members. Just like DAHMER, the whole lyric department is dedicated to serial killers, if you read the tracklist below, all of the songs but the ROT cover (they have a split 7? out with them by the way) feature bear names of serial killers. I don?t speak a single word of fucking French (what a horrible language by the way) but cosidering it?s a derivation of latin I could glimpse a good 70% of the lyrics, which are basically bios of the relative criminal. Musically there?s nothing Death Metal about MESRINE, they?re pure grindcore with crazy vocals, the kind of screams that make your throat ache after a gig, completely generated by the esophagus, just barely modulated (I guess the lyrics would be difficult to follow in any case). I kinda like the simple, yet not banal music that this band produces, if we can associate the word ?brutal? with the grindcore genre, this would fit rather well the idea I think, they actually remind a bit of the aforementioned ROT although a step more structured, not as minimalistic as the renown brazilian band. The most purely grind band of the last few pages for sure, that kind of old school grind that brings me back to the days of SPAZZTIC BLURR and SORE THROAT. It?s something you can better digest if you?re really into untainted grindcore.

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