MUCUBELCHING BEET (Ger): “The Allstar-project of Mucupurulent & Belching Beet” Cd 2002 Bizarre Leprous


This is a kinda unconventional Cd for a couple of reasons, first it is not made by a single band but it?s a compilation of covers played by both these two old German bands, more or less alternate between MUCUPURULENT and BELCHING BEET.
You know the deal with covers, some are convincing some others a bit less and this is no big exception. The only ?heavy? band covered here is BRUTAL TRUTH with their ?Choice of a New Generation? (second full legth) then they catch up almost every other genre possible 17 songs that span from the Hard Rock of AC/DC, WHITE ZOMBIE, ALICE IN CHAINS and ENTOMBED, (from the less than mediocre ?Wolverine Blues?), the Stoner of KYUSS, the Prong of PRONG (eh), the easy punk/rock of RAMONES and MISFITS, and even to the 80?s with EXTRABREIT, TINA TURNER and INVISIBLE LIMITS (!!!). This might be interesting if you?re curious to hear how distorted can some of these sound (I didn?t mention CRANBERRIES, but there?s a cover of ?Salvation? too in here, which is misprinted twice in the same page as well…). I have no real feel towards this album, it is not a must nor a waste of time, just like say, ?Future of the Past? by VADER: I wouldn?t spend more then 8 euros on covers but that?s possibly personal tastes, it does not contain any unedited material but some of the songs are serious fun.

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