MUTALA (Ita): “Carnivorous Disposition” Cd 2001 Nocturnal


An all Italian release, this time both band and label come from my country. The level of this Cd is heartingly also rather high. Flawless, nitid production and a stunning variety of styles melted into one single rather original concoction make this band one of the top ten from the country as far as I see it. All of the instruments are played with razor sharp precision and the variations are handled in a way to make sense even with all these continuous turns back and forth from haunting melodies to full accellerations. It has to be emphatized that MUTALA is extremely technical, so much skill paired with superior recording make this album even a bit too scholastic at times, resulting in a constantly evolving version of impeccable Death Metal a la old LOUDBLAST, falling with skilled grace in equal parts into hyperblasts as well as in whispering vocals and a bunch of melodic arrangements, and no, this time melodic is not used in a unrespectful way, although the overall feeling of this Cd is not of relentless, uncontrolled brutality but instead of well calculated musicianship. MUTALA?s main weapon is the way they manage different styles into one single blurred kind of Death Metal that never sound like a scattered patchwork of different music, but instead more of an entirely new brand, this is a Cd one has to hear to witness how often the drum tempos change in one single minute followed swiftly by all the other instruments in turn. For once, expertise is not used for overheated guitar virtuosisms a la latest DEATH (spit). Good things to hear discs like this nowadays.
But, on the other hand I have to be completely critical, so that?s my thouhts when we come to this Cd: I believe those involved into Death Metal can roughly be split in two big schools, and that?s summarily the one that is for sharp, crisp, technical Death Metal, display of ability and the talent to create brand new sounds, and the one that goes for the filth, gore obsessed, dirt, grime, basic droning and grinding old school Death, those that care for the emotions that the music create and not for the way it is executed; that?s why I cannot dive head first into this music 100%, but again, it?s just a matter of points of view. If you want to listen to a band that is giving its blood to create something different, this is one that fits the role.

Vote: 6.8

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