NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION (Bra): “Bathed in hecatombic Concoctions” split Cd with LYMPHATIC PHLEGM (Bra) 2000 Fleshfeast/Disgorgement of Squash Bodies


If LYMPHATIC PHLEGM?s design was terrificly handed by Black Hole?s mainman, guess what Sascha of CBT could do with this side and his Grindesign agency. No need to say this packing is hair rising. An elegant collage of splatter pathological mountains of gore. Yeah! Musically NVE is less subtle than the other band in the split. Constantly grinding, with a ultra low sound and REAL drums, it is way more human yet an inch more brutal and to the point. The vocals are not constantly grunting but they tend to move a bit sometimes assuming the throat-clearing tone which was typical, for instance, of GUT (there is a GUT cover in this side, and one by DEAD INFECTION too). Guitars are still ultra-distorted and tend to crackle a bit when they reach the lower scales, I think I love this shit, especially the grinding bursts when everything gets crazy. A wall of sound worth of the best MORTICIAN or LDOH. No weak spots that I can tell, really solid shit.

Vote: 8.8

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