OBTEST (Lit): “Auka Seniems Dievams” Cd 2002 Ledo Takas


I don?t really know what I liked exactly in OBTEST. I generally am quite allergic to pretentious folk metal or other forms of bastardized/watered Death/Black, yet this album has some special flavour which really can?t get out of my very soul. Might be the Lithuanian lyrics, or the fact this album sounds as if OBTEST don?t necessarily want to appeal the big Black Metal crowd that can?t get into pure extreme music and need to have it sweetened with nice melodies (i.e. girls in general and all those fakes that listen to the likes of STORM etc.) OBTEST seems to be born this way, not just like a Black metal band that got nuts, it is SINCERE about what it does. There is an epic, proud feeling of ancient medieval times, an age of true feelings, a reminiscence of times lost by ages, that just make my throat thirsty for beer and my hands closed around a pewter mug. In any case the eastern accent, the epic choral voices, the melancholic chords have something different in them. I can?t assure everybody will like it but I personally did very much.

Vote: 6.5

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