PERISHED: “Grim” MCd 2000 Apocalyptic Empire


Honestly, I am really not good with this kind of bands, I just try hard to figure ut what?s the actual difference between one and another, and even more difficult is to understand what exactly is meant to be the cold, grey & dead factor. I really don?t feel any desperate or oppressed by hearing to albums like this as I am from hearing ABRUPTUM or BELIAL. The vocals are stridulous, creaky, the songs filled with epicity and romantic grandeur syringed with so much keyboards they almost make me miss MIDNIGHT ORCHESTRA. For thos who have not understood this so far, this is just a Norwegian Black metal band, not much different from a thousand others. I told you I was not pious with bands like this, I admit my ear is not trained for this music, but come on, thsi is really boring, makes the same effects as DEATH?s Sound of Perseverance on my intestine. There is a song from the demo ?94 at the end of the mini. Which is exactly the same as the other ones.

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