PIGSTY (Cze): “The Universe Pig + Monkey = Essence of Existence” 2001 Bizarre Leprous


PIGSTY have a weird, sick obsessiion for porks. The band pictures inside the booklet show four pink, young suines at the relative instruments, which is a nice, respectable mania. Other than the animal department, PIGSTY grinds your cock over a smoking lasagna plate, with one of the most instense grind/gore fron Czech rep., I even consder them better than PURULENT SPERMCANAL, the songs have such an intensity and cohesion thay?re really a truck full of festering maggots blown into your eardrums. The guitars are kept at a constant fast pace, never slowing down but instad just switching from fast to faster, which in this music is an essential thing, and when they break down a bit the pace is just to introduce another blast of fury. Vocals are kicked out of the throat on the top of the lungs, they almost sound a bit filtered for their intensity. To spice up the breaks, vocals have a clear suine imprint, basically guttural with the throat clasped tight to shift them so low to sound more ?pigsty?. Good stuff.

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