PUTREFIED (Hol): “Bodybits” Cdr 2000 s/p [demo]


Absolutely lovely. Listening to this demo was like sunbathing in some tropical island after listening to the unbearable DECEMBER (see above). I heard this band on the net for the first time and I tried hard to convince the man behind the band to send me a promo but he?s a damn tenacious bone to checw and so I finally sent him cash for the whole thing and I didn?t regret it. It happens rarely that I order a single Cd from a band (usually I waste my money on distributions) but this PUTREFIED was a blessing, one of the most putrid, downtuned, obscure Death Metal around. Musically they tend towards the American borderline of brutish Death, although their European blood gives the songs a definitely less sinthetical, distant feel. It?s the kind of music that splats you with blood and entrails, seeping into your pores, sticking in your cervix like some fermenting disease. Zombie-like vocals come right out of the stomach, the guitars down-down-tuned in a way they seem to blend with the whole gore atmosphere, just cracked by one of the most lovely drum sounds ever since ?Bood, Pus and Gastric Juice?. There is an eerie, disturbing atmosphere which makes this band even superior to the brand of USA Death Metal they proclaim to follow. If ever there was a band to folow closely this is the one, although from recent news, they seem to be in stasis as the leader moved down to Germany. Look out for flyers or send him cash, this promo is KILLER.

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