REGORGE (Sco): “Kingdoms of Derision” Cd 2002 Dead Again


I have listened a few times to this Cd and still I have not many things to say about it. REGORGE is one of the very few Scottish Death Metal bands I heard so far. I think this is the first non-GOREROTTED release out of Dead Again and it seems as if the label has no particular prejudices towards technical, powerfully recorded American-breed Death. REGORGE sound like a band directly from Ohio, which its good share of guttural growls, mid tempo chugga chugga riffs and abundant use of tremolo picking and harmonics. Just like many of these bands, it is just that, doesn’t really move anything else but pounding, ultra-professional music, that gets droning and hypnotic on the long run. I can?t really say I don?t like this, but yet it doesn?t really stir much energy out of your fists. Reminds me much of the first FLESHGRIND Cd and the more straightforward songs of very early DYING FETUS. all songs but one strays over the 5 minute span. Just to underline their love for US scene, the cover artwork is a job done by the increasingly famous Zig. Despite the apparently young age, this album is already a full-fledged Cd of technical, consistent brutality with all the right cards (and clichŠs) to fit in the Modern DM scene.

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