REGURGITATION (Swe): “Carnivorous Erection” Cd 2000 Relapse


From the very first second, ?Carnivorous Erection? unbridles a blur of goregrinding bastard gore holocaust, just like the classic ?Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood? (1994 Lowland), nothing subtle about this. What might not appear as obvious is the strong turn their approach to goregrind has taken during their temporary rest. This new work is way more refined, has much more consistency and compared to the so-so split with DEAD a few years ago, even more sheer, crusty raw power. Dammit, it is really a relentless fury of natural elements, when most other grind bands tend to have short blasts and more or less slower bridges, RGTE knows how to stretch the grind flurry three times more, taking you to the limit of pressure without falling into a loose noise puree, and yet keeping the intensity high even in the crustier, moshy parts. There are 38 splatter songs (one more than ?Effortless?) so you have plenty to listen and digest their new face. Now after all of my rants about their ?evolution? doesn?t mean RGTE has slowed down or become ?technical? or ?mature? (eh) they just added the factor of struture and a huge production to make something that stands on par with ?Effortless? without sounding exactly the same (I still like equally both Cds). I guess playing minimalistic splatter goregrind for over ten years leads you to rethink about your band in one way or another at a certain point. I just wish CARCASS had the same spirit, fucking faggots, I have to remember to poo on my ?Heartwork? Lp once more. Fucking gay album. Talking about CARCASS If ?Vomified (Regurgitatet to the Core)? is not a cover (?Pyosisified?) then its the biggest ripoff I have heard thus far, ah ah.

Vote: 8.7

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