RISING MOON (Ita): “European Aliens” mCd 2001 Metal Fortress


Generally speaking, I like to write long, detailed reviews, but some bands really bore me so much I barely have patience to lose time in wasting words. RISING MOON is an Italian band at its second release finally obtained from a Swedish label. They play some well structured modern thrash (I refuse to call it Death) metal in the modern Gothenburg tradition like IN FLAMES/WITHOUT GRIEF and stuff like that, maybe a bit more pompous of melodies, and less rock?n?roll. I admit that considering the average level of bands from my country, these guys know how to handle sticks and picks, but the music is some of the most distant from my magazine you could conceive. I don?t like melodic Death Metal for the simple fact that Death metal, by definition, CANNOT be melodic, else it could not be called Death anymore. It is music of darkness, crudity, oppression, hate, despair, brutality, filth, and not of those above figure in this Cd. Again, the best term to define it is ?useless?.

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