SINISTER (Hol): “Creative Killings” Cd 2002 Hammerheart


I want to say it now and for the last time: I was glad to see David Vincent out of MORBID ANGEL right after the release a weak album such as ?Domination?. I was happy to see Chris Barnes out of CANNIBAL CORPSE after the mediocre ?The Bleeding?, and considering how frail were the vocals in the previous SNISTER I can?t but say ?why not??, this vocalist IS IT. Let?s face it, in ?Aggressive Measures? the vocals came completely submerged by the rest of the instruments, and while one of the deeper grunters I have ever heard the provisory guy with the big mouth from INHUME was not as perfectly fitting as Rachel does in this fucking great ?Creative Killings?. The best part of the whole story is that she really has the same phlegm spitting guttural imprint as Mike, the first singer, and she is THE right replacement for him, even though at times the vocals seem a bit muffled. Just listen to the title track and you?ll get a ear splitting display of stomach inflecting modulations. Musically still a bit closer to “Aggressive Measures” than to ?”Cross the Styx”, with lots of balanced guitar bending which is basically trademark to the band, SINISTER still blasts with uncontrollable rage at times although not as much as before, preferring a more modulated, accurate songwriting. Ever since the Ep days (split with MONASTERY and the two seven inches on Serpahic Decay and Witchhunt), SINISTER paved a road of a very unique, groove soaked Death metal and after more of ten years, they still have the same feel with an air of freshness and brand new aggression which comes by the name of a steel blooded girl with the energy and enthusiasm of a flesh ripping demon. To all those mongos which had something to say about the choice of getting a girl on vocals, I would say they probably have no clue what death metal means or has to be. Fuck off. POSSESSED cover on tail.

Vote: 8.8

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