SQUASH BOWELS (Pol): “The Mass Rotting, The Mass Sickening” Cd 2001 Obscene


Well. After releasing what I could undoubtedly baptize as the best and heaviest goregrind album of the last year (and maybe further back), my expectations for this Cd were high, very high. I admit that in this case they haven?t been totally fulfilled. There was something in ?Trnybal? that definitely filled the sound all around the stereo with solid lead, all around for 360 fucking degrees, making it completely saturated yet not sounding distorted in the ?garage grind? way, a masteriece that balanced total heaviness, groove, experimentation and all this still benefitting by a real perfect sound that usually appeal only to Death Metal. Might be the 2/3 line up restyling, but I really find this new album a score more predictable. I can?t but keep on doing paragons with their last work, but if I were able to switch off my memory for a second, I think I would dare to say that this is still an extremely good release, much less in the total ?goregrind maelstrom? of filth and impossibly harmonized vocals of other goregrind monsters, just much more structured and ?metallic?, let?s say Deathgore if we need a label. The base vocals are still heavy effect stomach-deep roars but this time they?re paired with another row of more human yet still low ones that do the main job of singing the lyrics, the larvae ones are however used more or less like an instrument that sometimes gets out of the lines with meaningless boiling noises, which is ok becouse the rest of the disc sorely needs some savage fury to dismantle some order. To hear SQUASH BOWELS so ?just OK? is a real stab, that doesn?t mean they?re not still heavier than any MALIGNANT TUMOUR or PURULENT SPERMCANAL by a shot, however. Can?t add more words.

Vote: 6.4

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