THE BERZERKER (Aus): “Dissimulate” Cd 2002 Earache


I first got into the electronic?s exploit in heavy music with bands like Earache?s FUDGE TUNNEL, ULTRAVIOLENCE and GODFLESH, so I think the label is rather versed to experiment with this kind of extreme, digital grind hybrid. To me, the dehumanized, synthetic feel of samples and drum machine added a nice cold vibe to the music, never been a Metal defender, if you read my reviews so far, you might have got it by now. Then a few years ago I found out that a new meaning was applied to the term ?Hard Core?, which until then I associated with bands like 7 Seconds, Slapshot or Insted. It was indeed a new frontier of the underground which was developing in the Dutch grisly discos, among LSD intoxicated DJs, together with its variations like gabber etc, which I found interesting but not necessarily worth spending one dollar on. Can?t tell the exact reason but I can?t think of spending money on sampled/cyber/digital music. It?s Ok stuff to hear by me, but only as far as it comes out of a dubbed tape, a CDr or some huge speaker at a rave party. It sounds like cheap music that everyone can compose given the right time. THE BERZERKER gave me the same impression, to be Ok but not really something to spend money on. I admit that out of many hybrids, the music these Australian masked men make is more than Ok, arranged in a way that even this impossibly fake drum machine blasting all through sounds reasonable. It?s more or less like hearing ATARI TEENAGE RIOT (remember their song with SLAYER?) bases with a good, fast grind/death construction coating all over. If you erase these percussions which are the ?distinguising? part of the music, what is left is more than good, fast and furious music, with good double vocals and all. I just can?t enter the right spirit of this technobeats that make even LIBIDO AIRBAG sound genuine. I guess I am not the right ground for experimentation sometimes. Hyperfast grind/death hybrid ten feet above other losers like AVULSED?s ?Cybergore? experiment, or Diehard?s CYBORG horrid debut, yet I might need some more time to swallow it, I really have no clear ideas so far… what I am sure the CARCASS cover in the end doesnt sound convincing AT ALL…

Vote: 5.9

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