THORAZINE (Can): “Geneticide” Cd 2002 Deathgasm


One of the best things one can say about THORAZINE is about their gift for variation and constant changes which also characterized other country mates like KATAKLYSM, CRYPTOPSY or GORGUTS in the past. Fundamentally Death Metal yet adorned with ever-shifting vocals (gruff for the most of the time, squeling, and throaty at times, with all the range in between) and a proficient drummer which at times burst into acts of berserker rage on the drumkit which reminds me much of beloved CRYPTOPSY. While not unpredictable and utterly hectic as KATAKLYSM (?Gate?? era) this is a Cd which spots a good range of originality, with ever-changing vocals and abundant use of trademark hyperblasts. At cost of sounding repetitive I think one more note goes again to the drums because they?re really the strong point in this release, dry and metallic as GODLESS TRUTH yet played with the loose style of DEVOURMENT or CRYPTOPSY. Add some keyboards and clean guitars when the music becomes too knotted, and you?ll get a good idea of what THORAZINE now stand for. I was not impressed by the previous Cd, but this one rocks, the guitars have developed in a intricate, in your face style of their own. Good stuff.

Vote: 7.5

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