THRONEUM (Pol) “Old Death?s Lair” Cd 2002 Weird Truth


It has not been easy for me to review this album. It has equal parts of great guitar riffs, aggression, varied vocal styles (with ten thousand pounds of reverb I?d add, that was probably the reason they quote MORTUARY DRAPE anmong influences), and interesting arrangements. And then they sometimes fall into some very very boring mid tempo ?thrash? riffs. Ah. As if Thrash Metal had actually anything to do with this slow chuggy stuff. Bah. The recording is perfectly fitting the band?s intentions, even if the bass is a little bit too predominant, it recreates an ancient creepy atmosphere, and the vocals often move from the prominent clean ?shouts? to the whole range of ?extreme? ones. The band gives its best when the music gets fast, on these parts they really get reminiscent of old school music, nostalgic and simple. I have noticed the album slows down in parts towards the end, and it gets quite spectral, that?s when HELLAMMER might get into sight. I am not sure I am the most versed in judging it but this is rather Ok once you get used to the vocals, I still wonder how many of these editors that talk about the ?good ?ole thrash metal days? were actually into the music at the time such classics were released. They seem to bring in comparisons which really sound incomprehesible at times (in this case SODOM, ASPHYX, BLASPHEMY, DEATH…), this is a good old fashioned album but nothing to do with stuff that was released in the 80?s. Nothing.

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