UNBURIED (USA/Va): ?Tortured Remains? tape 1998 [demo]

UNBURIED (USA/Va): ?Tortured Remains?  tape 1998 [demo]

This demo has probably the best splatter fucking cover I have seen so far, I loved it so much I used to hang a poster of this on my wall for quite some time. To those who might concern, UNBURIED is the band where the famous artist Mark Riddick plays bass, a brutish, chunky kind of Death Metal with lots of gore, grinding spasms and shrilling guitar convulsions. Starting with the famous Pinhead quote, the demo is fully packed with music until the very last second. It has to be noted also that the vocal duties have been taken over by a girl, Rebecca, which apart from cupping a bit the microphone to have somewhat deeper vocals, reminds me of Swedish CREMATORY in tonality, which is, you said it, rather impressive. The use of these vocals is interesting, constantly shifting, splitting, rejoining and moving, but the bass slapping tends to go a bit too much on his own universe at times. There is some mid tempo mosh in this Death Metal, lot of groovy mid tempo. Too much groovy mid tempo if you ask my opinion. The riffs, being not SKINLESS tend to grow a bit too danceable, even happy at times. To finish it, this band succeeds in getting something more than average for sure, but the superior quality of the package could be deceptive, while this band is good, it?s not something I would probably listen for a 60 minute full-length. The guitars are rather distorted but since the sound quality could be improved, they results too buzzing at times. Ravenous and competent, but needs some polishing (or filth, depends). INTEGRITY cover in the end. For trivia, there was another Doom/Death band called Unburied from Finland which released a very good demo titled ?Veil of Damnation?.

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