VASTION (USA/Ga): “Cold Stares of the Dead” MCd 1999 s/p [demo]


There is a score of good things to say about this band, not last the fact they?re seriously active and involved with the right mind into the underground. Anyway: musically speakin? they?re both depressively Doom-like and cadaverous as powerful, fast and technical, kind of, I?d even dare, MALEVOLENT CREATION in the fastest parts: when the music rages on, the riffs become an intricate concatenation of notes that combine to create a real furious discharge of complex textures of dazzling riffs. I am not much for the shrilling shrieks which sometimes back the main deep vocals, but they add some variety and another of the aforementioned good things I had to say about this band is the identity that each the song show, really one not alike the other. It?s difficult to find a song predictable because they really shift to some melancholic, atmospheric Doom bridge to a furious explosion of rage in really a bunch of seconds, and without sounding out of place or without letting you to notice any abrupt changes. This means the band really knows how to handle the compositions. Not totally unrelated to this characteristic is the fact that they really don?t sound as artificial as many other country mates, their music staying warm and sanguine and rather emotional. The good mix of brutality and skill, of roaring and dreaming.

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