VOMIT REMNANTS (Jap): “Indefensible Vehemence” Cd 2000 Supreme


When I thought I heard the worst clicky drum sound in KRISIUN?s ?Ageless Venomous? I manage to get something so fucking synthetical that makes the Chemical Brothers sound Bluesy. There is no way to get rid of this stupid typewriter crepitating beneath the music, I am afraid, but it?s really too obnoxious to concentrate on anything else. Trying to isolate the rest of the disc from this broken bicycle sound, however, here you get some competent mega-slamming Death Metal, with mega-stopped riffs and gurgly vocals. The story goes the same as for the other hundred thousands American bands that play this kind of music, if you actually like this cold, precise version of DM VOMIT REMNANTS might be the excellent christmas present, especially considering the turn on that they?re Japanese as well.
With bands like DYING FETUS or DISGORGE (Ca) VOMIT REMNANTS won?t probably even get shaded, the riffs are perfect, the vocals perfect, and the layout is rather good, too. Yet the problem might reside in the same word: ?perfection?. Do you need ?perfection? in a music that was born to represent uncontrollable bursts of rage and lust for guts?
Superb digital Death Metal that sound like a polished version of DISGORGE. Primal vs. sophisticated, chose your side.
PS: vote is given if you exclude the drums, otherwise 3…

Vote: 6.5

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