New Banner and latest news

New Banner and latest news

This time it’s important: this webpage is going to be probably close from the 7th of January 2002, due to exhorbitant hosting prices I have been asked by the provider, I have decided to migrate the site elsewhere. Sadly this new provider is very cheap but also fucking slow in activating accounts, emails and many of the atomated processes that should help you do everything with little effort is work 10% of the time. Therefore, not only the webpage but the emails as well won’t probably work for a while, here below is a fucking e-mail address which will work for all the time the site is suspended. Also, you won’t probably get any updates until January becouse I am working full swing on the new printed issue. Wish me good luck and contact me anytime…

PS: I have been listening to AUTOPSY for 8 straight hour today, and now I want to state it clear: AUTOPSY has been and will forever be the first, the best, the most important and most influential band of ALL TIME, all genres included. The genius behind their music is beyond comprehension, all bow and go after their releases, they’re THE GODS. This webpage, the fanzine and my whole musical experience could not have existed without them, so all of them are dedicated to this band which will live forever in my putrid heart

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