Old Editorial

Old Editorial

It may be not the best restyling I have seen in my life, but
it gives some fresh looks I hope (and it’s now fully visible
even at 800×600 screen resolutions).
It’s true, I deleted my consideration on the splash page,
but that doesn’t mean I retreat what I have said. I have
been contacted and supported by a few good souls since I
published it, and almost everybody agreed to what I had
to say. My consideration for today’s horror/grind/gore scene
has touched very low limits, but all in all, I believe there’s
still something worth doing here. I want to state it clear
once and forever before other idiots start complaining about
my choices, my reviews, my comments on our local politics,
that THIS IS MY OWN ZINE and mine only, OK? That means I
can start writing comic books reviews, change the main colors
to pink and orange and start printing pedo stuff and svastikas
if so I feel like deoing OK? Moreover this is free stuff
you’re reading, You haven’t paid me to read the stuff herein
contained so if you don’t like what you see, just click
away to Disney’s excellent webpage.
Back on the purely “scene” centered topic, my
life has changed quite a bit. I have left my full-time job
as a computer programmer and got back to school, I have
enrolled to a 3 year course of computer sciences and in
the meantime I try to manage some money to pay some bills
and stuff by working as part time software developer. All
this to make it clear that my time has definitely shrunk
to a very few precious hours in a week I use to dedicate
my old, big collection and this humble webpage. Although
there are still some very good releases around, my heart
still stick to old demo tapes and late 80’s, early 90’s
moments of pure delight when bands such as DEMILICH, XYSMA,
AUTOPSY or NUCLEAR DEATH were still in their flower, golden
days that modern productions seem to have overshadowed with
tons of mediocre crap, an underground scene full of envy
and hypocrisy and of the overabundant use of the words Brutal,
Black and (uh) Power Violence. I won’t go in dephtt on my
particular use of these labels, but suffice it to say that
Nuclear Abominations is getting back to the roots. I have
secluded myself in this room every spare hour of the day
and night, I have stopped going to concerts and parties,
I just want my dear Death/Grind stay with me and bet it,
Nuclear Abominations will cherish in my new approach. I
want it to become an old-school fucking webzine, with old-school
reviews and old-school attitude. Will my intents be fulfilled?
I dunno, but I’ll give it my guts. Have a nice day and dream
good nightmares.

Gore ’til Undeath

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