Or Thoughts, Reflections, Polemics…

Or Thoughts, Reflections, Polemics...

So it is true, Nuclear Abominations is back in shape. Several things have to be said for the new embodyment of my goreophile and deathophile dementia. To start Nuclear Abominations again was a matter of good sense and time-optimization. I started to write some reviews for the store’s website a few weeks ago, when I realized two things: first I had too much to do on the website to spend time reviewing stuff. Second, how could I manage to put reviews on both Buio Omega’s and Nuclear Abomination’s websites? What criteria I had to adopt to decide which review should go where? In the end the solutioncame out of the blue: merging both websites into one AND keeping them separate at the same time. You can reach most of the reviews herein by browsing the Buio Omega catalog, so that the shop’s website remains clear and light to navigate, and yet you can decide to buy some of the cds or other items reviewed here, when available,. by simply clicking at the end of the description. This solution has the big advantage of allowing me to keep a single database behind all this mess of informations.
Like every other human, I am prone to errors (maybe even more than other humans) so even while online the website will get continuous maintenance and improvements, it will take months before the website will be definitive, yet I am sure once the thing starts to get some shape, it will be far easier for me and my colleagues to work on it.
You’ll notice two things that could be translated from Buio Omega to this website haven’t been, Guestbook and Forum. Moreover the Links page is different as well. The reason for this is that Nuclear Abominations is a totally personal and independent thing from Buio Omega. The links contained here are links of my personal interest, just as I don’t want any comments or external influence on these pages. Reviews are absolutely personal as well as articles, biographies, retrospectives and articles are. Buio Omega is a store, and a commercial window to the world of extreme entertainment, and an entity per se. I hope this will be clear as much as it is now in my head as time goes on.
One more thing that will probably annoy Italians that used to read the 2/3 reviews that landed on Buio Omega: this site will be in English only. I am sorry but 20 hours are not enough for me to do everything I’d like to. If I find some official translator that could do the work for me maybe in the future, but right now I’d rather stick to the broadest public.
Thanks for being here reading this shit, the gore lives on!
’till Undeath….

Playlist this week:
Or what’s spinning in the stereo this week.

1 – AUTOPSY “Acts of the Unspeakable”
2 – VON “Satanic Blood Angel”
3 – IMPETIGO “Horror of the Zombies”
4 – ROTTREVORE “Iniquitous”
5 – CARNAGE “Dark Recollections”
6 – DEMILICH “Nespithe”
7 – TRAUMATIC “The Morbid Act…”
8 – NECROVORE “Demo ’87”
9 – XYSMA “Above the Mind of Morbidity”
10 – GROTESQUE “In the Embrace of Evil”

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