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INTESTINAL DISGORGE (USA-Tx): “A Clockwork Whore Binge” Cd 2005 Sonic Death

Intestinal DisgorgeI am telling this very sincerely: I remembered Intestinal Disgorge to be way heavier than this. When I was about to put this album in the player I was expecting hugely sick sewage scatological goregrind shit noise, but sincerely this stuff didn’t turn out to be as heavy as I hoped. The sound is quite clear all the time and the guitar distortion would fit better a modern Death Metal band. Lots of riffs are balanced between crusty modern grindcore a la Bolesno Grinje and some power chords a la Internal Bleeding and harmonics and stuff of clear Brutal Death origin, but I just don’t dig this mickey mouse vocals that seem like a timid attempt at playing the grindcore noise game. Even if sometimes some sick twisted savagery emerges, Japanese are able to condense all this and more in one quarter the songs contained in this “Clockwork Whore Binge”. There are also no lyrics inside, just a short story of a guy killing girls and masturbating on the strangled cadavers. And the cover is a very cheap piece of computer graphics, which to me suit a goregrind/noise release as well as a photo of a field of red flowers. No really, there is some deviation in here but it seriously need an extra dose of filth, if it was on vinyl, i would rub it on a dirty floor to add some craclking and dirt to this sound. Go back to the Rectal Sludge era, it was much better. Do not misunderstand me, this is not wimpy stuff, but it’s just they turned all the attention to noisy side leaks instead of making the whole songs a work of noise.

LAMENT CONFIGURATION (USA-Ga): “Demonic Incantations” Cd-r 2005 Vile Art

LAMENT CONFIGURATIONReviewing a band after seeing Grotesque in concert is something quite painful to stand, especially when a band is so full to the brim of clich├Ęs and devoid of personality as this one. This is the kind of sad ballad Black Metal a la Burzum out of ideas. Musically this is nothing but of shit. One million kilos of reverb, which might as well hide Dream Theater beneath this veil of filth. Nothing wrong with it, so far so good if they leave the moaning continuously vibrating all the time. What kills everything here is that couple of happy, sing along rock and roll riffs which just fit the distant vocals like a dick in the pea soup. There is little to pity in this shit. If Black Metal is surely more about misanthropy and atmospheres, this fails tragically. There is a thin veil between dismal simplicity and being incompetent. This shit band stands right in the second field. The cover is standard greyscale with gothic fonts and stuff but well, this might as well be the case with this genre.

TEARDOWN (Fin): “Cold Rooms” Cd-r 2006 s/p [demo]

TeardownWell first of all I wonder how the fuck this thing got among my promo heaps. This kind of emo-goth shit is so mellow I wonder if I could stand it as a whole. Seeing this was a Finnish band I was pretty sure the singer was at least a hotbody of the turbo-pussy brand, so I started looking frantically for band pics on the Internet but I am afraid this chick came up even being not that hot as I hoped. Seriously speaking I hate this shit music and this is just a matter of integrity to cut this thing short. The production is fine but this kind of Lacuna Coil/69 Eyes etc sad and melodic (not to mention pretentuous) movement has really come to saturation years ago. The production is fine, and the structures are simple but they work. Hell, how can you do wrong whan you have 2 riffs per songs and they’re also copied them from another million bands before, just watch MTV for 2 or 3 hours and make a patchwork. This is a genre that’s going nowhere really, but I am afraid I am going to listen to this band someday in a metal pub… Decent packaging of the post-McKean era, with Photoshop gringe duotones and guys desperating. At least we don’t have an angel on the cover this time.

TUMOUR (Hol): “4-Way Cybergrind Pornogoremageddon” split Cd with BLOODY DIARRHOEA (Cze), PSYCHOSADISTIC HATERAPIST (USA/Ma), FUCK SAW (USA/Wi) 2006 Bizarre Leprous/Coyote/Urethra/Butchered/Sevared

TumourTumour are here again with a couple of new short killer tracks of their characteristically hyper-heavy, distorted one man goregrind. The vocals are still similar to the sound of water drained down a sinkhole, with a sound so heavily distorted it creaks and strains the recording equipment to red herring levels. A couple of short studio tracks bring us to an insane live Beligian show. I was listening to these tracks with professional headphones and I must say besides the strong chattering in the background everything sounds amazingly clear. You won’t believe me but I was able to recognize a few songs from the other Tumour Cds I already reviewed: this shit is mesmerizing sick and darn lovely. I find the label “pornogore” a bit narrow for Tumour, but they surely fit this split nonetheless. In the end the Cd also looks quite good, with a folding poster with Pierre from Braindead’s classic, blood soaked, stylish artwork holding the four covers together.

BOWEL FETUS (Aus): “Demos and rare shit” Cd 2006 s/p

Demos and rare shit

Demos and rare shit

This Cd-r contains a lot of rare and alternate tracks from my beloved Bowel Fetus, a band able to mix gore-grind with the best of sludgly doom/death. The compilation opens with a ridicolously rare “The First Session” release (5 copies made?). Bowel Fetus here was more like classic mid tempo goregrind with a very fake sounding drum machine, the ability to program it better might be the greatest leap in quaily this band had since these tracks. Some hints of doom are present here, but as normal, the development is not as total as in “Bloodsoaked Doomageddon”. The “Rehearsal August/October 2004” includes tracks 5-8 and include another Impetigo cover, a personal version of “Wizards of Gore” mit cyber sounds, I am afraid the tribal feel of the song is almost on-existant here, but fuck, how can you possibly do as good as the original? The sound is very clear anyway, for a reharsal, but either I can’t hear them, or there are no vocals in these tracks. The riffs are okay, but are mostly mid-fast and that is probably not the real shit for this band. Listening to the last few tracks of this rehearsal, you could hear Impetigo were a big influence for Glen at the time, as they have that feel of punkish groove that was so perfectly deleoped by our gods of Illnoize. The ninth track is pure sludge/drone doom, originally recorded as a bonus for the split tape with Viscera. This is really when this band starts shitting violets as we say here, this stuff is phenomenal, a bit in the vein of “Transcendence into the Peripheral”, with a resounding vibe that always remind me of a empty hangar. Fast Autopsy-worshipping riffs and chain tire vocals are all present in this track, fully developed. The two songs from the split with Gruesome Toilet start with pure noize bursts, nothing more to add to 1 second long songs. But there are also some unreleased ones which have solid structure and rather diverse structures from the classic Bowel Fetus including a weird B-52 cover. The song from the split with Anal Throne is also quite atypical, mostly composed around a single chug, but it ends in a funeral doom leak. The album ends with an Autopsy cover… terrific!

VV.AA. (n/a): “Septic Shock – 4 Way Split” Cd-r 2006 Septic System

Septic Shock - 4 Way Split

Septic Shock – 4 Way Split

Hey so finally I got something from Septic System records to show you for your delight! First off this is not a pro-done Cd but a Cd-r that comes in a plastic bag, but for sure these graphics are accurate. I have seen pro silver discs in way uglier packagings. The first thing I thought when I got this 4 way was that it looked a bit like a release from Fecal Matter and actually, the layout has been done by The Rev, eh! It’s dripping so much shit and goo you don’t know how to handle it ah ah. Total scat gore aadoration! The bands contained herein are quite distinct in sound, and are arranged as follows:
RAPIST WITH NO PENIS plays a very noisy breed of gore/grind with drum machine. The vocals are gurgling deep, but not completely fucked up, you can still understand this guy articulates something with his mouth, even if the roar is quite low. Musically this is mostly very simple mid tempos goregrind with some loops and skillfully placed samples (the last song has that popping noise that sounds like the 80’s hit “Pop Corn”, ah ah). The sound is very, very rough, but we’re still in the realm of the understandable, mostly we get very distorted sound with a lot of dirt, but the riffs are still clear. I’d reccomend this band to lovers of mid paced sludgy goregrind and a knack for fetid sounds. 7.50 to me.
BOWEL FETUS strikes here with his trademark, foul apocalyptic concoction of sick Death Metal a la Autopsy and vocals that remind the sound of the chain stays of a bycicle falling off the sockets. This single song in the 4 way is still totally Autopsy in feel, but degenerates slowly into a wasteland of quicksand, Doom, muck and corpses a la Disembowelement or Halo. I cannot tell exactly how much I love this shit, everything is just arranged in the right fucking way: great guitar distortion and fabulous chords of doom, a realistc drum sound, and nasty boiling vocals… No shit here, I think this could be really a ultimate band, one of the 10 best in the world today if they got a vocalist like Gurge of Lord Gore. Mind ye, I think these vocals are okay, and they’re probably the only element that stitches Bowel Fetus to the Gore Grind genre, but I have the feeling with some different vocals, we could really have some astounding, spectacular results… nonetheless a full 9.00 fucking here!
BASKET OF DEATH is completely space noize stuff instead. This is the chaotic, wicked kind of noise grind that only far easteners seems to be able to produce. The drum machine is beating a totally gabber disco tempo, with 100% artificial sound, but above that, everything seems to be allowed. Frequencies and distortions, guitar loops, multiple layers of distorted vocals, even sampled parts of what seem rehearsals of traditional instrumental bands. The cool thing is that there’s always different things moving at the same time, so you can concentrate on this drone bass sound in the background or the muffled vocals or whatever is up and always get something different. Ahone must be crazy to hear this stuff, you get the impression of hearing a cassette which has been overdubbed ten times with Boredoms and a score of other noise bands. An 8.00 is deserved
OUTHOUSE keeps following the Noisecore line, but a bit less refined than Basket of Death, mostly you get impossibly rough shit a la Anal Birth but instead of a constant wave of noise, you get a more mid tempos, short blasts of fury and oversaturated vocals above a thick carpet of fuzzy noise shit. There are some samples here as well, but you don’t get the same impression of listening to several albums simultanously, this stuff is a bit rawer and siimpler. There are some spoken vocals as well in the mix, and a good half of this track is just a long dialogue. I’d give this band a 7.00.

BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE (Aus): “Still Human Still Humane?” MCd 2005 Grindhead

This is Beyond Terror Beyond Grace‘s debut, a young band from Australia’s Blue Mountains, and it consist of four short tracks of a non-defined mix of extreme music styles. The opening riff is a total killer hyperfast blast of violence strongly influenced by Rotten Sound, Jigsore Terror, To Separate The Flesh From The Bones and the likes and made me hope for the best… if things were following that line all the time we could have had something real interesting if not overly complex or catchy. However there is a big flaw that I spotted almost immediately,and it’s that these songs are made up of riffs so eterogeneous that it feels like hearing Praxis or Mr Bungle (well not exactly to be honest but you get the point). While that opening blast was full of energy, the mid tempo Death Metal slam that follows close is among the most boring I have ever heard, kind of Internal Bleeding stripped down to play even more basic sloppy death. The vocals are a schizoid chamaleon which vary completely timbre from grunt to screams according to the underlying riff, and something weird happened when those got higher: a cold, pine smelling breeze entered my room and I could hear the penguins approaching from beyond the mist… Ah! No really they sound more new black metal than Grind, but that’s just a matter of perspective, I guess I could get used to them if we get over the bigger flaws. To tell the truth, I hate the Death Metal slam mid tempos in here, but the faster riffs range really from average to excellent. They should really drop the useless parts where the vocals become guttural and keep the faster parts only, or just try to improve songwriting of the slower bridges, becouse those are real lame. As it is, this is neither fish nor meat as they say here. The Cd has a very short duration, just like 9 minutes or so, but I guess it explores clearly what the intent of this band is. The guys look very young so we can expect some serious improvement I think. I hope the singer is just growing his hair, and not keeping that cut on purpose, though (ah ah, j/k). Nothing much to add to this, working a good layout when flames are involved is real though and well, it doesnt work in here either, but this is an Ep so things might have been made with some hurry. The cover depicts a man or a scarecrow shrouded in flames, and little else. At least the quality of the pics is sharp.