RELLIK (USA-Ny): “Deceive the Deceiving” MCd 2006 Metal War

I don’t know exactly what a rellik is, but this bands plays for sure among the finest examples of Bay Area Thrash Metal I have heard recently. Nothing that hits me like like it did in the ’80s (honestly speaking, I don’t believe that anything recorded today would have the same feel, it might be I am just a different person now), but there is a lot of grrove and intensity going on here. I admit my first interest in hearing this band came from the fact that Craig Smilowski beats the skins here (he played drums with Immolation and Goreaphobia), but there is definitely more to hear: a really impressive, huge guitar sound (a sound that would fit Sick of It All or Blood for Blood), metallic bass lines, hectic and creative drum tempos, and a lot of metal galloping and sane Thrash Metal headbanging. What saves the band is probably the vocals which are not too clean, not too deep, just the right kind of raspy, impish style which reminds maybe a bit of early Kreatoror Razor (but you could name almost any other band here). Compared to other disastrous attempts such as Soulless or Defaced which I heard since the new Thrash explosion hot the new millenium (thank you, Bewitched), this Ep shines silver (gold might be too much). It has force and not a sign of wimpy gay vocals or boring Metal rides. Old school worship done with cognition.

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