21 Reviews added

21 Reviews added

I have begun the boring process of browsing through the old HMTL files and extracting the reviews from 1999-2000. Luckily however there were a lot that I didn’t already import so you can expect a lot of reviews each day. Also resltyled a bit the header above, to include (subtly) the old dripping logo. I have also experimented in an alternative design for the website that plays of the “old typewriter fanzine” theme, but it doesn’t work very well. I might have to play a bit with pencil to add some hand drawing and make it even more old-school.

Hey, by the way. do you like the way the new Nuclear Abominations webzine is turning up? Please send comments/suggestions for future development to my e-mail address info AT nuclearabominations DOTH com! I’d like to have responses from old readers!

The Games of Blood and Destruction 2 article has been finally formatted and is available for reading in the Miscellanous section. I have also found part 1, both are there for you!

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