COPREMESIS (USA/Ny): “Fecal Fistophile” split Cd with PUSTULATED (USA/Tn) 2004 s/p


Copremesis is not much different from Pustulated in the big picture. Downright, unconditional brutality inspired by the Fist of the North Star himself, mr. Kenshiro. According to song titles etc, the concept seem explicitly whimsical, the intros in fucking Japanese are maybe a little too lengthy (on a 3 song span dammit!), but when we come to the core of the music we have some great fucking hodgepodge of croaking Brutal Death. The vocals are as innaturally low as Pustulated’s, yet there is some added variation in the form of some quirky guitar solo trying to emerge here, some nasty, almost jazzy song twist there. Again I won’t categorize this band as “goregrind” yet Brutal Death fits a bit narrow as well, it is just too cacophonous (think Enmity). Only three songs here, plus 3 live ones: one of these feature Biolich singer at the mic, one is a Cock and Ball Torture cover.

I liked the packaging this time, the Copremesis cover artwork is delicious, while the anatomies of the humans are dubious, the array of colors used to the artwork and the general all gore concept is of my complete liking. Pustulated side cover art is nonsense, looks like an old Fear of God album I have (the Thrash FOG, not the noise ones), might be a crocodile skin, a decrepit wall or some microscope caption, who knows. Works mildly but I won’t scream out for creativeness. I also doubt the resolution is right for a professionally printed work. Inner cover is cheap b/w.

Vote: 7.9

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