IMPUREZA (Fra): “Tworzenia, Resurrezione, DŠmence” split Cd with HATEFUL (Ita), HELLSPAWN (Pol) 2006 Nihilistic Holocaust


Impureza is maybe the more chaotic of the three, but we’re still taling about Death Metal that has some toeholds in the Florida scene of early ’90, plus some inevitable elements of today’s musical world, such as superior skill, superior recording, more complexity etc. The vocals here are the most versatile of the three bands, the double vocal effect is lovely, and the use of Spanish language is a amazing turn on, it gives the music a vaguely satanic feel but it might be just my memories of the time when I was listening to Brujeria’s “Matando Gueros”, can’t tell if it makes the same effect to everybody eh. I really like them, but the high screams have to be removed, utterly useless. Guitarwork here is top level as in the other two bands… Holy shit I really can’t decide which one I like better. There is a coherence between the lines of these seven songs, if you concentrate well on these riffs, but the whole impression if that of a grand, orchestral texture of primeval chaos. In the end I would probably give my preference to Impureza of all the three.

Vote: 8.7

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