Interviews up

Interviews up

Ok, today I have uploaded a bunch of interviews. The files were very fragmented so in might be that I’ll complement them in the future. These are old reviews so the quality isn’t top notch.

Please consider that the reviews and interviews here present are not representative of what’s to come on these pages. I will enclose more interesting and darker bands in teh future, and the reviews will be generally more informative, on the same line as the ones contained in the second paper-fanzine. When I’ll finish importing the old ones from the old websites, I will also enclose some old reviews as well from the paper ‘zine so you might check em out. Also when the content is more consistent, I will start adding more artwork to the pages, including album covers and some personal works as well. For now content is everything, tho, and I really want to go through all the old files.

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