New section, old material

New section, old material

I have added some generic stuff from 1999-2000. The interview page is up (not the interview themselves tho, but it won’t take long). I added some reviews including some tapes as well in a new section. Also opened the movie reviews page and some miscellanous stuff here and there. I decided to use a very old color scheme for the website for the nostalgic.

I am formatting the “Games of Blood and Destruction 2” article written by my friend Grind@. This guy is a damn lunatic, he wrote 37 pages in word format and in this whole afternoon I barely managed to format 17 for the web (ugh!). Anyway this article is great and deserves to be published. It is a long list of the bloodies and crudest games ever written for the screen (not just PC but also coin-ops, consolles etc.).

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