News and stuff

News and stuff

You might have noticed that every day I add some small pieces to the website, I have been working on it almost every day since 2 weeks. Now I am considering two additions of which I am not completely sure: give the possibility to add a comment to every review might sound interesting but in the end I realized it’s not, so I quit. I was also thinking about a search but then what’s the point? Every review can be reached in two clicks. I was considering adding a genre to each review, so when you read a review of Goatsemen you might be redirected to similar bands (Anal Vomit etc). This I will study better if tiume permits.

Nonetheless I was examining Buio Omega and’s website and they both definitely neeed some fixes. was cool becouse of the wikipedia contained, but I saw yesterday that it’s been bucthered by some son of a bitch that is adding cialis and viagra spam to my pages, deleting what was contained before!! The damage on some pages is irrecoverable, so in the end I need to ask registration before posting. Sicne the Openwiki is a bit complicated and I have no time to read all through the code, I will probably copy meta-archives engine and start recreate features on It seems that it’s the best thing when managing encyclopedia online. Being my own code I can add features and delete them with little or no effort. This doesnt mean I wont be add a review every day (save exceptions) to this one! I will just be more busy fixing

As for Bui Omega, it can wait, I am really no ready to restart a distro yet.

Now some Pretty news:

The new Gross (usa) Cd is out now on Divine Noise, this follows the excellent Cd-r released some years ago by Black Hole.

Deep Sic records is going to re-release the amazing (fuckinga amazing) masterpiece by the masters of fast hardcore Siege on a 12″ disc of gold wax. They also have out a reissue of Phobia’s “Means to Existence” and “Cruel”, always on vinyl.

Garroter is a Brutal Death Metal band from Poland that now has a page on the famous Myspace. The demo is sold out but you can hear some tracks here.

Klysma records from holland have three new bullets ready to squash your crotch: Biocyst ‘Gastrojejunostomy’ tape, Urinefestival ‘Of a Hermaphroditic Enema & an Urophilic Pissparty Pleasure’ Cd and Tumour ‘Goreaholic’ Cd.

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