One year stop.

One year stop.

Hello, hello, hello. Nuclear Abominations has not been the most regular of publications in the multiverse so far, that I acknowledge. However one year of silence has been enough to put everything in order and manage the strength to start all over again. Right last month I grabbed all the old material and started the project of a new design for the infamous webzine. The last issue of the PAPER ‘zine can still be ordered for 5 EUROS, shipping included, world-wide. I still have some copies home, and they can also be ordered though Nuclear Winter (Greece) and possibily also Northern Heritage (Finland) and Nuclear War Now! (USA) as well (but these last two are not confirmed, we discussed about it some time ago but I need to recontact them).

Regarding the label, many things happened during my year of hiatus. A good half of the projects have been fucked up, for one reason or another. I will prepare a release schedule shortly so you will know what happened to all the planned releases. One thing I can anticipate is the Nuclear Death demo anthology is almsot ready and will be the very first Nuclear Abominations release of 2006. Some EPs and vinyl projects had a high priority but I need to slide them a bit forward in time since they’re just too expensive and inproductive. I need a new start and I need a Cd to begin with, sorry.

The Webzine: As stated before, the webzine is under reconstruction but it shows some progress. If you want to send me some material for review I will be glad to review it. beware that stuff that just does not fit the mood of the zine will be discarded. There is no point to butcher a record I don’t like, since it will both waste my time, the label’s money and it will not interest the readers. I will make sure to send you an email if this is the case. No snail mail in this case, sorry.

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