PUSTULATED (USA/Tn): “Profundo Frofui Profusum” split Cd with COPREMESIS (USA/Ny) 2004 s/p


How the fuck am I supposed to describe this? Pustulated is an amazing bombardment of sound, really too heavy to heavy to be considered just a Brutal Death band. They are as fast as Brodequin, yet seems like everything has just been adjusted to get the maximum of brutality. The vocals are just a vague croak, completely unintelligible, at times they just seem like the string of some machinery; the guitar sound has been furtherly down-tuned, the drums are blasting all the time etc. However they just don’t seem some copycat of Liturgy or Brodequin, as their sound is much rawer and the structure of the songs seem to have slided down in importance in favour or all-out sick massiveness. The songs are actually rather simple even if the drums sometimes plays on tempos but generally speaking this is not San Diego Disgorge. The Impetigo cover at the end is cool but you probably already heard it in the Impetigo tribute in Razorback. Seems the band never have enough since I heard a promo song of their new album Haematoma and it seems the music has gone even tighter.

Vote: 8.7

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