REGICIDE (Chn): “Split Your Face” split Cd with OPERATING TABLE (Chn), DEMISOR (Sgp) 2003 Mort


Regicide is obviously enough a damn good surprise to hear. This band plays great fucking brutal Death Metal the US way with a lot of density, powerufl riffs and a LOT of headbanging groove. A good half of the songs are made up of forceful slamming (but not “tarantella”-metal like many US bands have begin to play), much in the vein of early Dying Fetus (remember – that – groove?), however, and much appreciately, the vocals are a constant low, phlegmy rumble, and that is much more efficacious if you ask me, than splitting it with high screams. I like the guitarwork a lot, there seem to be no real weak spots to exploit in these songs. Sane Brutal Death, better than Vomit Remnants if you ask me (and this drummer, Gang-Wu, is goddamn fast!). I wait for more from this band, very bad there is no contact whatsoever.

The packaging of this triple split Cd is Ok, not special but adheres to standards which never fade. The print is not as fuzzy as old Erebos releases. I would have just used standard characters on the Demisor picture, that fading effect is pretty useless.

Vote: 8.4

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