RIGOR MORTIS (Rus): “Salvation Through Visceration” split Cd with SPERMSWAMP (Rus) 2005 Not Like Most


Rigor Mortis (oh the name, the name!) sounds much more serious in intentions, as apart from the drum programming the music sounds strictly Death Metal, with some strong resemblance to Mortician or Atavism, maybe for the contrast between guttural vocals and real mechanical sounding drum beats. The band uses long downtuned swings of distorted guitars to give some breath before the blasts? hey the more I hear them the more I recognize the clear Mortician worship. They use some intros as well, even if I am not sure they?re all from movies, one just sounds like a guy regorging his dinner, might be everything. The picture in the booklet deserves some words, as it?s really painful to watch. The cover art has definitely been resample at the wrong resolution for print, and right over it the logo has been filled with green and yellow shades, outer glows and embossing? but the best part comes in the inner picture, as the three members wear black shirts with their names digitally mounted on them as if they were shirt logos!! That?s the most fucking kitsch thing I have seen in years since Mind Snare?s ?The Noble Ancestry?, dramatically funny! It?s a pity a label that releases an album doesn?t take care of the graphics a bit carefully.

Vote: 7.4

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