The ball keeps rollin’

The ball keeps rollin'

Lots of updates today. It’s weekend at last and I managed to spend some time on the website. I have added 3 new sections: a guestbook, a pictures page with few pics (but more are to come!), and the label page. The label page isn’t very complete but it’s a good start, there are even some sound clips of my old releases Karnarium and General Surgery. I have fixed a few more things and added 3 years old Rompeprop interviews. I have also made a lot of clean-up on my old and buio omega files. If I keep working like this, I will be able to start adding new reviews in a week or two. I have some promos to review already watching at me on my desktop (the real one, not the computer’s). A nice 3 way split from Nihlistic Holocaust (Hellspahn / Hateful / Impureza), a mediocre Surrender of Divinity a trippy Arcana and a consistent Agathocles Cds from Displeased, and a bunch of splatter-gore cds I bought at the Agathocles concert last weekend: Spermswanp/Rigor Mortis, new Pulmonary Fibrosis, new Cumgun etc.

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